'Miss AI' pageant features fake beauty queens

The stage is set for the world's first AI beauty pageant where beauty is entirely artificial. 

Models created using generative artificial intelligence (AI) are competing in the inaugural "Miss AI" pageant this month.

The contestants, who have no real-life physical presence and exist only on social media platforms, were created using AI technology. They can be seen online doing everything from talking about the causes they support to dancing and singing.

The company behind the event, Fanvue, recently unveiled its top 10 contestants for Miss AI.

According to the the U.K.-based online creator platform, the shortlist includes Kenza Layli from Morocco, who has already amassed 186k followers on Instagram and promotes empowerment of women in the Middle East. 


AI contestant Kenza Layli from Morocco (Credit: FanVue)

In addition, Aiyana Rainbow is a voice for LGBTQ+ acceptance and promotes love and diversity on her Instagram – even selling her own merchandise to fans. 


Aiyana Rainbow is one of the Miss AI finalists. (Credit: FanVue)

"Being part of the world's first AI pageant has been a fantastic experience," leading pageantry historian, Sally Ann Fawcett, said in a statement. "Having been a judge on Miss Great Britain for the past 10 years, and written a number of books on pageantry, I was fascinated to see the sort of entries we'd get into this contest." 

She added, "The realism of each contestant and their individual stories and what they're doing to be a positive influence on the world really stood out to me.

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According to FanVue, the shortlisted contestants will now compete for a place in the Top 3, which will be announced a the end of June via the world’s first AI-generated awards ceremony. 


Olivia is another contestant in the Top 10 of Miss AI. (Credit: FanVue)

"The launch of the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards and this first award has thrust the AI Creator space into the mainstream for the first time, and the number of entries has been staggering. The awards have shown how engaged creators in the AI space are, and the standard of the shortlist is nothing short of incredible," FanVue co-founder Will Monange said.

The Fanvue World AI Creator Awards, was announced in April and received global attention, with 1,500 AI creators entering the awards from around the world.

The winner will take home $5,000 in cash.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.