Monty G comes home from rehab after long battle with COVID-19

The airbrushed shirts, the Eagles hat, Monty G is a Philly celebrity. He’s a huge cheerleader for all our sports teams, but today the cheers were for him as he came home from rehab after a long battle with COVID-19.

“From a nursing home to ICU, had a trach in my neck to being in a coma for a month to being on a ventilator for a month. I really thought I was going to be gone,” he told FOX 29 on Friday. “Like my hat says God is good. My prayers to all of the people that prayed for me all my friends my family my beautiful wife all the people that prayed for me I knew that I could do it."

Friday was more than just a celebration it was also a chance to raise awareness for people who don't take coronavirus seriously. He also wants people to understand that surviving does not mean that everything is just fine.

"Look at me I can’t use my arm that ventilator messed up my nerves I can lift up my leg but I can’t control my foot I didn’t let that stop me but I really saw the seriousness of this virus," he said.

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