More fallout after Pa. grand jury report on sex abuse in Catholic Church

There's more fallout after the Pennsylvania grand jury report about sex abuse in the Catholic Church. Attorney General Josh Shapiro says it's time for action as more states open their own investigations.

Speaking to a gathering of defense and corporate layers, Attorney General Shapiro accused groups linked to the Catholic Church of fighting to keep more details about the priest sex abuse scandal from coming out.

"Forces associated with the church are trying to shut down the release of more information--trying to keep the public from knowing all there is to know about the crisis," Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

Shapiro sees the opposition forming on two fronts:

-- Arguments next week in front of the Pa. Supreme Court on release of all names of priests accused of sex abuse and the full grand jury report with nothing blacked-out.

-- And a vote in the Pa. House also next week-on reform measures, including opening a two year window for victims to sue their priest-abusers for money.

"Historically, these reforms have not been able to pass because the Catholic Church lobbyists and the lobbyists insurance companies have been so powerful in Harrisburg. "Are they working this time?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. Shapiro replied, "I understand they're working as hard as ever."

Earlier in the summer, a grand jury found 301 priests had abused over 1,000 victims in 6 dioceses in Pa. 10 states have opened their own investigations of the church and Shapiro says he's spoken to a top official in the U.S. Department of Justice.