Move over Chewbacca Mom, here comes Laughing Kid

Some people have trouble knowing when enough is enough, and to their defense, they can't control themselves.

Take Chewbacca Lady, for example. Her claim to fame was having possibly the most infectious laughter ever recorded.

But one boy may be about to provide a late challenge, thanks to a YouTube video that's quickly going viral.

Take a listen!

The video from Musical Minds, a music education business based in Levittown, Long Island, shows a group of young kids taking a music class.

While they all seem to be having fun, one boy seems to be having the time of his life.

And while his classmates don't join in with his laughing, the rest of the world is beginning to.

Thursday morning, the video shot up by 100,000 views in five hours, even though it had largely been ignored it was uploaded July 14.