New phone scam offers to upgrade Verizon customers in Delaware, police say

Delaware State Police are putting out a statewide warning after reports of a phone scam.

Authorities say a Kent County resident received a call from someone who was representing themselves as a Verizon worker.

Once the resident picked up the phone, they say the person on the other end of the line told them to upgrade their Verizon network to 5G, and coerced the resident into giving over their password for an account reset.

Eventually, state police say the victim turned their cell phone off and back on to 'finish' the phony reset. Once their phone was back on, they got an email confirming an order for an iPad in their name.

Police say the call was a scam.

Verizon officials tell FOX 29 they will never make an unsolicited call and request a customer's password or account information for an upgrade. In fact, the Verizon official said the company is not even close to upgrading to 5G in Delaware. They too are warning customers to be careful.

Verizon customers can find out more about potential scams by clicking here.