NJ police officer helps deliver baby

A New Jersey police officer answers the call of duty -- and helps with an unexpected delivery -- on his way home from work.

It all unfolded as two expecting Lakewood parents were rushing to a hospital on Friday.

But they ended up pulling off to the side of a major highway in the Garden State -- because their baby girl could not wait to make her entry into the world.

That's when sergeant Sean Boag got the call and jumped into action.

Boag said, "When I pulled up, the husband was out of the car, the woman was in the back seat, laying down, it was frantic. I approached the car, took the look, assessed the situation, the crown of the baby's head was showing, and I just helped.

"I told her to push, we're in a situation, let's get through it, she looked at me and pushed. We were able to get the baby out. We waited for the first aid to arrive. I have three kids so I've been around, but this is the first one I helped deliver. It was more stressful for them, than me. I was glad to help out.

"We're trained in first aid, general first aid, we receive training on a regular basis, CPR, combat, etc. everything worked and I'm happy.

It was about 4 in the afternoon, 4:02 p.m. baby born, the story and happy holiday. Perfect time. Usually its tragedy on the highways, but this was good. This is a good thing. It's good to bring life in. the baby being born. Everybody's happy and healthy. And mother smiling."

The baby girl and her mother are reportedly doing just fine.