Officials close Holicong Middle School for remainder of year due to electrical issues

Just weeks left in the school year and a Bucks County middle school is abruptly moving students into local high schools after they say they're concerned about dangerous electrical problems in the building.

Jack Pierce, a Central Bucks East High sophomore, is not entirely sure what to make of sharing space with 9th graders from Holicong Middle School next door. It will be closed for unexpected repair work, which means cramped quarters with just days left in the school year.

"They're going to need to take up more hallway space and everything so the classrooms will definitely be more crowded."

Officials at the Central Bucks School District decided to close Holicong Middle School after finding some electrical problems in the original part of the building, which which dates back to the 70s.

As a result students will be scattered all over. In addition to 9th grade students going to CB East, 7th graders and staff will move to CB West while 8th graders head to CB South. CB East will be the gathering point for mornings and for afternoon dismissal.

"It seems like it's kind of a little bit unfortunate for the middle schoolers and the high schoolers," Pierce said.

The problem is so severe district leaders say Holicong students will not be allowed to get their things. Maintenance staff will be cleaning out the lockers and placing belongings in named bags for students to get at CB East Wednesday.

Teens at the impacted high schools are taking it in stride while parents we talked with are not too worried about the changes.