Outward Bound looking to change lives through challenge and discovery

A Philadelphia organization is looking to change lives through challenges and discovery.

That organization goes by the name Outward Bound, and they've just opened a new discovery center in the city.

FOX 29's Bill Rohrer went to the new facility to see what kinds of challenges the organization put's people through,

Since Outward Bound was founded in 1992, they have served over 6000 students, teachers, and adults each year.

Some are there to overcome fears, like a fear of heights. Others are there because they just love to climb, but they say Outward Bound has done more than just give them a place to explore.

"Working with Outward Bound has just made me grow into a better person. I have become a better man in this world. It is really hard out here but everyone is so friendly and it makes it just easy to live," student Damir Macon explained.

Field instructor Eric Park has seen many students change first hand.

"Those interpersonal skills, their confidence to approach adversity and in new challenges they face we see that growth in our student all the time," Park said.

FOX 29 is a proud media sponsor of Outward Bound and they sponsored this segment.