Parents say one New Castle County school district is providing unfair choices for students

The clock is ticking for parents in one New Castle County school district. They’ve got until Friday to decide either remote or in-person learning for their kids.

“Don’t rush a decision,” said Kira Rose.

Rose has a 10th grade son enrolled at the Red Clay School District in Delaware. She says the district is providing unfair choices for parents and students when it comes to deciding on remote learning or returning to class. She says if she chooses remote learning, her kid will be at a disadvantage.

“They will be automatically forced to doing online, which is outsourced through a third party, meaning my son will no longer have his current teachers, his current curriculum. It's self-paced, self-taught and at their own leisure,” Rose explained.

Red Clay Superintendent Dorrell Green telling parents they can pick to either continue Red Clay online virtual learning or opt in for Red Clay on campus for face-to-face learning with a teacher.

The deadline for that decision is Friday, October 2nd.

Parents are also being asked to sign a medical waiver releasing the school from responsibility if their child gets sick with COVID-19.

“I think it’s ridiculous! That’s allowing the school to not have any fault of their own at any point in time in the event that it’s spread in the school,” Rose exclaimed.

The school district responding through a spokesperson saying:

“The waiver is per the recommendation of the district’s insurance carrier. It signifies the serious nature of returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families will not be penalized or denied in-person option if they refuse to sign.”

The district declined requests for an in-person interview.

Rose says the district is simply not providing enough time or answers for parents.

“That’s their way of not giving parents direct answers, that we have to have submitted via email. Now they’re doing a webinar, which means we can’t even respond to what they’re going to be saying and we still don’t have enough answers,” Rose remarked.


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