Pediatric cancer warriors, FAM campaign for Diddy to dance with them

The kids in a new Facebook video have a lot in common. Cancer, for one, but they are also fighters and part of a bigger family called FAM that's hoping to get the attention of rapper and producer Diddy. 

Fighting All Monsters, or FAM, is a community started to help families keep going - and Diddy's "Bad Boys for Life" is FAM's unofficial theme song. 

Layla Mosley, one of the stars of the music video, was on Good Day back in 2017.

Back then she was in treatment for, Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that grows in or around the bones.

The then six-year-old was working with Chubby Checker and Mascots for a cure, helping to make people aware of this condition which affects some 200 children every year according to researchers.

For two years, Layla had beaten her cancer but it has since returned.

Layla, 9, is currently going through another round of chemotherapy after a successful surgery removed a tumor in her lungs.

Even with her cancer back, Layla has not given up and is battling with the help of FAM.

FAM and pediatric cancer warriors are calling on Diddy to dance with them to continue to raise awareness and inspire others.

Their video even features a cameo from Snoop Dogg, who says, "Can you dance with the kids, Puff, please?" 

FOX 29 has been told Diddy's publicist has been notified of the video, but no word yet on any formal plans. 

You can check out the music video on Facebook here