Penn police officers to the rescue of girl fighting leukemia

Police officers came to the rescue of a sick little girl, not with medicine but a piece of technology that was necessary for her well-being.

Arianna - who isn't even two years old yet -- was diagnosed with leukemia in December, and given an iPad as a gift.

She watched her favorite downloads "during countless hours of chemo" and to FaceTime family, as her mom, Katrina Leigh, remembered.

But then Saturday night, they went to bed and Sunday morning, the iPad was gone.

They hoped to find it during the transfer from pediatric intensive care to bone marrow transplant, but no luck.

They tried to track the iPad, but it was dead.

With little hope, Katrina Leigh filed a report with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia security and with the PICU charge nurse.

Then, the tracking actually worked. The iPad was at the University of Pennsylvania campus but family members had no luck while fighting Monday's storm.

Then, Leigh reports, "I found a very nice security guard who offered to call campus police for us. We waited for campus police who were so incredibly kind and went to go search in the last spot the iPad was pinged, but of course there was no one visibly on an iPad. They took our report as we apologized over and over again for bothering them with something so silly, but the iPad meant a lot to our daughter who has been at CHOP for five months after a bone marrow transplant to cure cancer. We thanked the officers and they told us to go back to CHOP and they would come get a full report from us."

Then, Officers Ryan James and S. Cooper of the University of Pennsylvania Police Department showed up with an iPad. Katrina got excited, thinking they found Arianna's. But it wasn't.

Katrina explained, "One of the officers gave Arianna his own personal iPad. Obviously I started Kim Kardashian bawling in the hallway in front of everyone. Now these officers wouldn't even accept a thank you and they turned to leave as I stood there blubbering."

They did meet Arianna and Leigh posted pictures on Facebook.

As for Arianna, "She did the movements to the Barney 'I love you' song completely on her own. It was so incredibly cute. She was playing so much again and so happy!"

Leigh pointed out to FOX 29 News, "Everyone at CHOP has been amazing" and her "daughter's missing iPad is the act of one individual who in no way reflects the treatment and care that we received at CHOP."

Soon, Arianna may need a liver biopsy but for now, "It was very nice to hear the doctors and nurses who know her so well, tell us that she hasn't looked this good since admission. Hearing that laughter is amazing. Today was a full day. My heart is full❤️"

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