People flock to West Chester restaurants after snow

Downtown West Chester came alive Wednesday night. A few restaurants braved the snow and opened their doors thinking after a day like today if you open they'll come.

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"Yes, we're starving so we're going to Iron Hill," said Kristen Delvescovo and the kids. They wanted out of the house after hours of sledding and play dates. Snow covered roads couldn't keep them in.

"It's bad but it's not too bad. The roads are just more slushy right now," said Delvescovo. Lena, 13-year old Julian and Jack were tired of being home today but ask them about tomorrow and you'll get a different story.

"I just hope we don't have school tomorrow," said Julian. "We have a two-hour delay but hopefully we don't have any," added Jack.

Restaurants weren't the only places packed.

"There were $3 Guinness at Saloon 151 so we decided to partake in that," said Claire Bowman out with her friend Morgan Furore. They say it was worth coming out after shoveling.

"I got a little stir crazy. I worked from home today and it's definitely nice to be outside," said Furore.

Then out Iron Hill Brewery came my favorites of the night. The group of friends had a lot of energy and couldn't wait to leave the house.

"Oh my gosh we love the snow. We love West Chester. The restaurants are awesome. What's not to be outside for? This is great," said John Larson.

Kim Aylesworth said, "We were so sick of being in the house. I had to snow blow today. My husband is out of town. I need him to come back. It's crazy," she said. Even the smallest one in the group was excited to be out. Little Lucy also had something to say.

"I like snow," she said.