People get out to enjoy warmer temperatures across Delaware Valley

The big bump in temperatures hasn't affected the Delaware Valley, yet, but that isn't stopping folks from getting outside to enjoy the weather.

"It's a little cold, but I can take it," said Gianni Campbell.

Campbell wasn't the only one taking to the ice at Penn's Landing.

"It's not cold. It feels good out here," Marilyn Hall said.

"It's really warm after the couple days we've been through," Jason Isakov said.

Hard to believe just a few days ago the temperatures across the region were in the teens, with snow squalls and snow falls.

"I do landscaping so I haven't even been able to work because of all the temperatures," Adam Lopez stated.

Seems the only one sitting by the warm fire and not on the ice was Fox 29's Joyce Evans. In fact, Dan Riley worried it might be too warm out.

"I was hoping there weren't any puddles out here. There might be tomorrow night, though," Dan Riley said.
"You'd rather have it colder?" asked Evans.
"Yeah, down about 20 or 15 is ideal," Riley replied.
"Are you kidding me?" asked Evans.
"No, I leave out of here my shirt soaked," explained Riley.
"Well, you have some pretty good moves," Evans said.
"Well, you keep moving, you have to if you want to stay warm," Riley replied.

"It's just the day to vibe out, you know?" Campbell stated.