Pets for Life provides food for families struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Two women are making sure pets aren't forgotten during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are helping deliver pet food to people struggling to make ends meet. 

“We want to make sure that at least they know that their pets are taken care of. They know that they don’t have to worry about that," Elisa Silva told FOX 29.

For Elisa Silva and Carmen Alvarez from Pets for Life Philadelphia, they were up early preparing to help pets in need, but during the pandemic, they have intensified their focus on something that many may not realize is a huge issue during a struggling economy.


“The communities that we work with are some of the communities that are most affected because of the layoffs and health issues and they aren’t able to purchase dog food, which can get really expensive," Elisa said.

When money is short, loving pet parents can be faced with a big problem: feeding themselves or feeding their pets.

"It’s just part of life. It’s hard because I know that they love their animals, but they have a choice. If I don’t get food, then I have to get rid of them, so what do they do at that point? So they know that they can make that phone call and we’re right there for them," Carmen said.

Elisa and Carmen were already nominated as heroes, but if they hadn’t been, they would have been on this day. Carmen shared that she didn’t believe that she was a hero, in fact, she’s just doing what someone else did for her.

“I was a client before I was a part of the company. I was in the same situation years ago,” explained Carmen.

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