Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrate Saturday's victory and look forward to NFC Championship game

The Eagles are taking on the Minnesota Vikings at the Linc and the winner goes to the Super Bowl. And, next week's game is right here on FOX 29. Eagles fans are used to success from the beloved Birds. From 2002 through 2009, Philadelphia lived and died by the five different times the Eagles played in the NFC Championship games. January 21, Eagles fans will once again watch the Eagles fly.

"We're feeling like we could win anything at this point," commented one fan.

There was something in the air, beyond the smell of cheese steaks at Pat's. A feeling that the city is on the verge of something incredibly special. Eagles chants could be heard breaking out behind the counter.

"Eagles, Eagles!"

In between grilling steaks, debate over who the Birds would rather play next: the Vikings, with that tough defense, or the Saints, with Drew Brees.

"I personally would like to play the Saints," one Eagles fan stated.

"I'd rather play the Vikings," another Eagles fan chimed in.

Fans know the Birds won't have to face the Steelers now in the Super Bowl, after the Steeler's loss Sunday, January 14. A girlfriend rivalry at the dog park. Or, should it be called the underdog park?

"Here's an underdog," said Steelers fan Ashlee Ludwig.

Only the Eagles fan is left standing in the dog park.

"You gonna jump on the Eagles bandwagon? Probably, yeah, yeah," Ludwig commented.

"A lot of people out in Eagles gear, and really celebratory," said Maria Archer.

She's right, fans wearing Eagles green weren't hard to find.

Neither are the signs around town. Signs crediting Saint Nick. Nick Foles, that is.

And, the skyline is suddenly green.

For those short of Eagles gear, Modell's seemed to have fans who are late to the game covered.

"Just like a hoodie or something, anything with a logo on it, yeah," said Joe Jackson.

By 8:30 p.m. Sunday night, the question of who the Eagles are playing in the NFC Championship game was answered in dramatic fashion as the Vikings beat the Saints on the last play of the game. Eagles/Vikings next week. The winner goes to the Super Bowl. Easy. It will not be.

"The ending of the [Vikings/Saints] game, wow! I'm worried, but we can do it. We're the Eagles, we can do anything. Go Eagles!" said fan Carl Hausch.