Philadelphia Police officer injured when dragged during traffic stop

A Philadelphia police officer is injured when a traffic stop turned into a violent struggle with two men.

According to authorities, two highway patrol officers attempted to pull over a driver of a Ford SUV at 34th and Wharton Streets about 9:30 Thursday night. As the officers approached the vehicle, they say the 34-year-old driver jumped out and began to struggle with one of the officers. The driver then got back into the vehicle, put it into reverse and reportedly hit one of the officers with the SUV. It was at this point the officer was dragged approximately five feet.

Authorities say the suspect's vehicle bumped the patrol vehicle. The officer was then able to pull away from the vehicle, pull the driver out, taser him and place him under arrest.

The second suspect hopped into the driver's seat, investigators say, and took off in the SUV.

The SUV was later found by authorities at 3600 Paschall Avenue. The second suspect was not found.

The officer was transported to Methodist Hospital and is being treated for minor injuries.