Plane door falls off, lands in Nevada parking lot

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A plane door fell off an aircraft and landed in a Nevada parking lot.  (Christopher Wolverton)

The Federal Aviation Administration wants to know how a door fell off an aircraft and landed in a Nevada parking lot. 

Christopher Wolverton of Henderson was the one who saw the door flying towards the ground on Nov. 18 and snapped photos once it landed.

"We were driving in the parking lot of the St. Rose shopping center after picking up our daughter’s glasses, when I saw the door fall from the sky, above and just beyond the Hobby Lobby there," he told FOX Television Stations. 

The 40-year-old said he heard the plane going by but didn’t actually see the aircraft. 

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"I stopped the car and exclaimed, ‘Oh my god! I think a door just fell from that plane!’" he continued. "My family thought I was seeing things."

"So on a lark, we drove around back to see if we could find where it landed, and there it was," he added.

Wolverton said witnesses then called in the incident to the nearby Henderson Executive Airport. 

The FAA said the piece was a baggage compartment door belonging to a single-engine Textron T24. Authorities said the plane had departed from Henderson Executive Airport that morning. 

"Only the pilot was on board," FAA said in a statement to FOX Television Stations. "No injuries or damage were reported on the ground."

FAA said the plane returned to the airport. The aircraft registration number is N240VB.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.