Polar vortex sweeps through Delaware Valley

As the polar vortex sweeps through the Delware Valley and temperatures plummet into near-subzero range, most people do not want to be outside for more than just a few seconds.

But for one Delaware County boy, the frigid temperatures have created just the right conditions for a dreamlike scenario.

"My dad told me that he built an ice rink, and I said 'Oh, cool," said Jackson Deihl.

"He just loves hockey so much and we can not really take him to do open hockey yet," John Deihl added.

Speaking of hockey, it is one of the only times of the year where you can go inside an ice rink to get warm. The ice at the Springfield Ice Rink is kept at 22 degrees, which was 10 degrees warmer than the temperatures outside on Thursday.

While residence layer up for the frigid temps, local pups like Alexay the Samoyed Russian Sled dog are basking in the 12 degree winter wonderland.

"We go for a walk and I want to go in and [Alexay] wants to stay out," said Bob Artese.

But if you think the Delaware Valley has it bad, just be greatful the temperatures from Minnesota will not migrate this east.

"We reached a morning low of 28 below zero with wind chills at 57 below zero," said Minnesota meteorologist, Jennifer McDermed.

Residence in the Twin Cities are dealing with surges in frostbite cases, haulted postal delivery services and school cancelations.

"We have a winter carnival which is a celebration of winter to kick it off, but it was too cold so they had to move events indoors," said McDermed.

Back in Philadelphia, the light at the end of the blustery winter tunnell is warm and inviting, as temperatures could reach into the 60's as early as next week.