Police: 15 students sickened after eating laced edibles at school

Police and medics are at the scene of Philadelphia school where authorities say at least 15 students were sickened after eating laced edibles Friday morning.

The incident was reported at 9:48 a.m., according to police, at the West Oak Lane Charter School on the 7100 block of Stenton Avenue.

Police report the pot-laced rice crispy edibles were carried in by a 12-year-old girl in seventh grade.

"She brought then into the school and shared them with approximately 15 of her classmates. They all appear to be in the seventh grade. They started to show some symptoms of illness, symptoms consistent with ingesting that type of substance," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew said.

Police and city medic units were called as were the parents of the 15 students who ingested the edibles.  Police say the 12-year-old bought the edibles online and received them by delivery.  The 15 students were examined and found to be okay and the school remained open.

The CEO of West Oak Lane Charter School Debbra Lee says the incident was planned through social media.