Man, 76, fatally shot on daily walk in Philadelphia neighborhood, police say

Authorities say an elderly man was fatally shot in the head while on his routine morning walk Tuesday in Philadelphia. 

The victim, identified by family members as 76-year-old Loi Nguyen, was found shot once in the head near his driveway in the alleyway behind L and Claridge streets just before 6 a.m. 

Investigators say video surveillance appears to show the shooting was completely unprovoked. Footage from a neighbor shows a person running down the alleyway towards Hunting Park shortly after the attack.

No arrests were reported immediately following the shooting. 

Neighbors who knew Nguyen told FOX 29's Kelly Rule that he was known for his friendliness. Yolanda Diaz, a neighbor, said Nguyen would greet her with a ‘good morning’ while taking his routine morning walks. 

"It just all happened in the blink of an eye you just don’t expect to see," Tony Peralta said. "Yesterday I see him with his grandchildren just playing and smiling the next day you see him on the floor." 

Authorities believe more cameras surrounding may have captured the deadly shooting, and urged anyone with information to come forward. 

"You don't have nothing inside your soul just to do that to a man that's so innocent and walks around, literally walks around," Peralta said.