Police across Pennsylvania mount major crackdown on aggressive driving

There may be fewer cars on the roads, but that doesn’t mean drivers are behaving themselves.

A major aggressive driving crackdown is happening right now across Pennsylvania.

“It’s just getting worse and worse all the time,” said

On major highways, interstates and neighborhood roads, people are driving like bats out of…well, that place.

“Cutting me off all the time, tailgating me all the time,” Gene Isayev said.

Promotions Manager Isayev says cars pass him like he’s standing still, traveling along Route 1, the Blue Route and 13 everyday.

“Especially on roads where the speed limit is 35. Nobody is driving 35,” Isayev added.

Or even under 85 and it has gotten worse since the pandemic kept more cars home and more space on the roads to drive aggressively.

“I would say on any given day, an officer can go out and still find violators,” Detective Sergeant John Ditrolio said.

It’s why multiple local police departments are joining forces now to crackdown on dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

“Aggressive driving tends to lead to a crash,” Det. Sgt. Ditrolio stated.

And, worse. Det. Sgt. Ditrolio has been leading the initiative in Springfield Township, Delaware County for a couple of weeks now, now even halfway through this wave.

“How many tickets did you give out?” asked FOX 29’s Joyce Evans.

“We’re still tabulating those records,” Det. Sgt. Ditrolio replied.

That’s a lot.

“A typical traffic ticket can run well over $100.00. For speeding violators, it can be much worse,” Det. Sgt. Ditrolio added.

He says not every violator gets a fine and, so far, nobody’s been arrested.

They’re concentrating on drivers who commit more than one traffic violation back-to-back, like speeding and unsafe lane changing together and they’re checking the back roads, as well.

“We tend to see pedestrian accidents and bicycles,” Det. Sgt. Ditrolio said.


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