Police: Burglars cut through roof of Mt. Airy convenience store before robbery

Philadelphia police are looking for a group of people who cut the roof of a Mount Airy convenience store, descended and stole from the place.

"I go there mostly predominantly every day," said Savion Davis. He still can't believe the robbery a group of burglars pulled off at his neighborhood corner store Roxies Food Market on Stenton Avenue in Mt. Airy. Police just released surveillance video but it happened around 2 in the morning last Friday when the suspects cut through the roof to get inside.

"The owner said like I got robbed. I was like dag and then he started closing down more earlier than before because of the fear of getting robbed again," said Davis. The video shows suspects cleaning out the place by stuffing trash bags full of stolen merchandise. Police say they got away with lottery tickets, cartons of cigarettes and about $3,000 in cash from the ATM and register. And they weren't racing the clock. They spent four hours rifling through the place. Davis says break-ins are a big problem in the area and it's not just businesses. He says someone broke into a police officer's house on his block.

"They stole like a vest, a bullet proof vest and a couple of laptops. He got robbed and he lives right next to me so yeah so yeah this is a huge concern."

Police say several people are also caught on surveillance video outside the place while the burglary is happening. They're calling them persons of interest and would like to talk to them as well.

Call Northwest Detectives at 215-686-3353/3354 if you have any information about the suspects or incident.