Police: Hit-and-run turns violent as gunman fires at driver

Police say they are searching for a gunman who chased down an alleged hit-and-run driver in North Philadelphia.

All that's left of a hit-and-run turned road rage incident Tuesday evening was a new Kia Forte riddled by gunfire that sent the driver to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

"That vehicle was clearly struck multiple times by gunfire," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told FOX 29.

"It all started around 4:30 p.m. with a hit-and-run accident caught on video obtained by FOX 29 from a corner store at 8th and Diamond. That's where a 23-year-old man in a red shirt was struck by a car--flipped in the air and injured as the driver of the Kia Forte drove away, according to police.

"We know that at least one vehicle pursued the driver of the Kia," Chief Small said.

Police say the driver chasing the Forte caught up to it at 5th and Berks where someone in the chasing vehicle fired shots at the hit-and-run driver's car. The shooter kept going as the alleged hit-and-run driver made his way to a KFC parking lot at Broad and Clearfield.

"The driver of a maroon or red Pontiac fired several shots at least three--striking the 33-year-old driver of the Kia," chief small explained.

Police retrieved surveillance video of the original hit-and-run accident and additional video at 5th and berks where the gunfire erupted. Police say it was extremely fortunate no one else got hurt.

"We're just lucky no one else got hit by stray gunfire," Chief Small said.

Police say the wounded driver remains hospitalized as they search for the shooter and the car he was in--possibly a maroon or red Pontiac. Police also now have a tag number.

According to police, the car used by the gunman is registered in North Philadelphia. No one else was injured by the gunfire.

The 23-year-old victim struck by the car went to Episcopal Hospital where he's being treated for hip and lower back injuries.