Police search for rim and tire thieves targeting car owners in Northeast Philly

Police are searching for rim and tire thieves who struck eight times this month.

Danielle Jamison knows the sting from the crew of high-end rim robbers targeting car owners in Northeast Philadelphia. She's had the tires and rims on her 2017 Honda Accord Sport stolen three times already.

"When I walked out the door, I saw my car like sitting on the ground, basically," she told FOX 29 Wednesday night. "The first two times they only took two. This time they took all four."

"They're quick--they're fast, and professional--they're cruel," Northeast Detectives Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum said.

The thieves have struck eight times this month at apartment complexes and on city streets in these tight-knit neighborhoods. They love the popular Honda Accord Sport rims. Sometimes they take two rims and tires--sometimes all four. These crimes hit drivers in the wallet.

"Obviously, there's a elusive black market for these things. Obviously, they take them off and sell them that's why they keep doing this," Lt. Rosenbaum added.

Earlier in the summer, there was another rash of rim and tire thefts across the city--over 100 cases. investigators busted one guy for 18 thefts. The DA asked for $300,000 bail, but a judge released him. He has not been connected to this latest spree.Tthis new round of thefts are leaving costly repairs and rim replacements in their wake.d

Northeast Detectives and the Major Crimes Unit are working hard to catch these criminals. Wheel locks apparently are not deterrents. The thieves are just popping them right off and taking the tires and rims anyway.

One driver paid almost $8,000 to replace the rims and tires, along with other repairs after their car was damaged