Police searching for suspects in Marlton burglary spree

Police in Marlton are searching for suspects after a series of burglaries overnight on Sunday left cars in a housing development ransacked.

Nest cameras perched on homes in an housing development called Ravenscliff captured at least four buglers rummaging through cars and looking into homes.

The Evesham Police Department happened to have a patrol car in the area during the robberies. The officer noticed some suspicious activity and called for back-up.

Eventually, police say the an officer pursued a car through the development. The driver allegedly hopped a curb and fled on foot into the woods. Police later discovered that the vehicle was stolen.

"I find it very frightening, it's a big violation to have this happen in your neighborhood," said Vicky Thorp.

Police say in addition to Ravenscliff, the same organized crew also hit the nearby Woodstream neighborhood where they stole two cars.

Several neighbors are understandably shaken by this ordeal, but are trying to use it as a teaching moment.

"I'm going to keep locking the doors and teach the kids to be aware and lock the doors when they leave the house," said one neighbor.