Police: Teens cited for reckless bike riding in Haddonfield

Haddonfield police say they issued citations to several teens for reckless bike riding. They say it's not only dangerous for the teens but also for drivers.

It happened Friday afternoon when a group of teens on bikes began popping wheelies and weaving through traffic on busy Kings Highway near Haddon Avenue. It ended with five of the teens cited by police and released to their parents.

"Not wearing helmets, riding recklessly throughout the town. Some of them doing wheelies, playing chicken with vehicles," Haddonfield Police Chief Jason Cutler said.

Kids call it "swerving" and it's been going on in Center City, Philadelphia for years. Now, it's spread to the suburbs.

"They could suddenly see them, stop short, cause a rear-end collision. They could swerve into another vehicle," Chief Cutler said.

Police quickly identified five of the teenagers from a group of 10-15. They were scooped up and taken to police headquarters where they were given summons and their parents were called to come get them. Police showed them the video. 20 such summons have been handed out recently. Most parents supported police but some responded on social media that it was "kids being kids".