Police: Two men posed as PGW workers in Northeast Philly home invasion

Police have a warning for people after they say two men posed as PGW workers to gain access into a home where they attacked and robbed a man in Northeast Philadelphia.

"I'm leery of everything. You have to be. You have to be." Tyra Cox is still shaken by a brutal home invasion on the 4500 block of Higbee Street in Northeast Philly where police say two men posed as PGW workers before attacking and robbing a man who let them in his home.

PGW issued a new advisory telling the public to always ask for ID before letting a utility worker in.
PGW sent FOX 29 pictures of what its official hard hats, uniforms and logo look like and they say you should always check for badges and official PGW vehicles parked outside.

The warning comes after police say the victim on Higbee let in a man wearing a white PGW hard hat who said he had to check his basement following a gas leak in the area.

Police say the victim was beaten with a firearm and kicked in the head.

Thousands in cash was stolen along with jewelry. Cops found two PGW hard hats, a gas detector and clipboard at the scene.