Protesters gather at Texas Capitol for "Shed the Mask" rally

Protestors gathered outside the Governor’s Mansion for a “Shed the Mask” rally Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds attended the rally, calling out what they say is an “injustice” and a “threat” to their freedoms.

Signs in the crowd read “freedom over fear” and “can’t be muzzled.” Most notably, a slogan that thousands chanted during the George Floyd and police brutality protests “we can’t breathe.”

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Protestors in the crowd said wearing masks is more dangerous than not wearing one.

“Masks make it difficult to breathe oxygen is something that everybody needs to fight off diseases,” said Douglas Frazier. “Whether its cancer, viruses, or bacteria - we need oxygen and masks get in the way of that.”

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In the beginning and throughout the protest, things escalated between protestors and counter-protestors.

State Troopers and DPS had to form a line to separate the two groups.

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Despite Governor Greg Abbott’s latest order, requiring face-coverings to be worn in counties with more than 20 positive COVID-19 cases, law enforcement on the scene said no warnings or fines were given out to protestors not wearing masks.



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