Residents on edge after Feltonville shooting

Six suspects wanted in a shooting and barricade situation are still on the streets. Residents in the community are on edge tonight.

Cindy Varsela was still shaken up Monday night as shell casings littered B Street near her home. Gunfire riddled cars and struck houses Monday morning--piercing windows and striking a 17-year-old in the chest while she watched TV in a front bedroom.

Varsela says one of the bullets traveled down the street through her window and hit the wall above the bed where her 4-year-old daughter was sleeping. Her husband was standing right in front of that window seconds before.

"My husband stands up, exactly in the line with the shot, just a second and he gonna die, maybe. I don't know," she told FOX 29.

Enrique Gonzalez had his brand new Rav 4 SUV parked on the block. It was struck by gunfire twice; once by the door handle, the second pierced his license plate. He found the bullet inside. He worries what could have been if the bullets took another path.

The 17-year-old was treated and released from the hospital, she did not return to this home Monday.