Retirement drive-by parade held for beloved principal

Bethel Springs Elementary School Principal Steve Piasecki is retiring from a school he called home for the last 18 years. Cars were lined down the street and around the school to say goodbye to their beloved principal. 

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story. 

Abbey Anderson knew him when she was a Bethel student over 10 years ago. 

“He is so caring he loves all his students.  Even as a graduate I would show up two years ago and he remembers me and he remembers my whole family,” said Anderson. 

Some parents moved into a Bethel neighborhood just so their kids could have Piasecki as their Principal. Lauren Withelder, a parent, made it clear that he is not ordinary in any way. 

“He is the best principal in the whole world. We are so blessed to have him, it is a hard day,” she said.

Laura Dibattista had Piasecki as a fifth grade teacher, and he inspired her to become a reading specialist.

“I remember when he would bring his guitar and play music for us,” she said. “I remember his expression when he read stories to us. He was amazing.”

Peggy Upton, another reading specialist, also reflected on the lessons she learned from him.

“He is constantly teaching us not only about our craft in educating the kids but how we should be as humans. There is no other way to explain it,” she said.

Piasecki says he will be spending next September on Cape May beach.

“You always hope that you are doing the right thing and doing your best by people. I guess I did a few good things in my years,” said Piasecki.


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