Savannah Bananas bring unique brand of baseball to Trenton

The most viral team in baseball visited New Jersey's capital Wednesday, bringing their off-the-wall style of America's Pastime to the delight of hundreds of fans.

Crowds packed Arm and Hammer Park on the banks for the Delaware River to watch the Savannah Banana's high jinx against the Trenton Thunder.

"They are not just baseball, it's like a circus, it's fun to watch, it's a completely different game," Colton Bush told FOX 29.

The Bananas play by their own rules, like no bunting, no walks, and no games longer than two hours. There are dancing umpires, a ‘banana baby.' The team even has its own magician. 

The players come from different backgrounds and bring their different talents to the team, like the Stilt Guy.

"This is the most fun thing I've ever done in my entire life, I'm blessed to be able to do what I want to do," Stiltz said. 

The team has been known to play with the World's Largest Bat, and pitchers slugging beers before entering a game. They've blown up on social media, with 6M followers on TikTok, more than any MLB team.

"We’re just trying to bring joy to people and we’re excited to keep growing and play in bigger ballpark and accommodate more people just give people a break from reality," Bananas' catcher Bill Leroy said. 

Archbishop Wood grad Matt Malatesta pitches for the Banannas and says he couldn’t ask for a better job.

"It’s been a dream, I mean everything we do is for the fans," Malatesta said. "Being able to give back to the baseball community, it’s a dream come true."

It’s not often the Trenton Thunder - a colligate summer league team - sell out a game, but even the home team understands the visitors were the attraction tonight.

"You see the smiles on people faces they were lining up at 9:30 this morning," Thunder General Manager Jon Bodnar said. "This is what it’s all about, we create lasting memories at this ballpark and now the Savannah Bananas are part of that."