Severed Pig's Head Found Outside Mosque

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A severed barbecued pig's head was found outside of the Al-Asqa Islamic Society in North Philadelphia early Monday morning. Manager Nabil Khalil says it's discrimination and sends an unsettling message to the Muslim community.

Police are investigating this as harassment.

Mosque managers were able to retrieve surveillance video of a red pickup truck circling the mosque Monday night just before 11. The second time around you can see something is thrown out of the passenger side window.

"We reported it to police, the FBI, the human relations commission," Nabil explained.

Police tell FOX 29 they think this incident is related to a harassing phone message left on Al-Asqa's answering machine one day after the terror attacks in Paris.

"I said a prayer for the guy that may God put him on a straight path If he was in his right mind he wouldn't be doing this," said Nabil.

"We are a part of this country, as a Muslim a Christian,no difference," said member Nour Mokhlis.

Mosque member Nour Mokhlis wants people to know that ISIS members and other violent extremists are condemned by the Muslim people.

"They are not our brother. They are not Muslim. They don't represent me as a Muslim," Nour said.