Sexually explicit graffiti targets little girls

TAYLOR -(WJBK)- Vandals left threatening and explicit comments on the toys of little girls at the Georgetown Place co-op Tuesday morning.

The images and comments - aimed at girls all fewer than 10 years old - are so disturbing and profane they can't be shown. Imagine if these sexually suggestive images and words were directed at your own elementary school-aged daughter.

"I've been here 14 years and nothing like this (has happened before)," said Kelly Fleschner.

"It's a message to me, I want to do this to your daughter," said one mother who lives there.

At first glance, it's possible to see how some could dismiss this vandalism as just a prank.

"A guy that does that to little girls is horrible," said one man who lives there.

When neighbors began to talk about the graffiti, they started to see a pattern emerge.

"Why would a teen spend his time going to each house and they know where the little girls live," the mother said.

What neighbors in this area find most disturbing is these acts do not seem to be random. They targeted homes with young girls and that has people on edge about communicating with people they've known for years.

"It's not like (it is on) every single porch, it's where little girls live, ages 5 to 10," the mother said.

Police reports have been filed and Mary Sclabassi, chief of the Taylor Police Department, said she, herself is disturbed as a parent, adding police are treating this as a "high priority case."

Police are asking anyone with information to come forward, but some damage can't be undone.