Shelter in place after shooting in Bethlehem

Authorities have issued a shelter in place following a shooting in Bethlehem, Pa.

Police say a man who fired a gunshot at wife Monday night was barricaded inside his Bethlehem home with his children, but they have since been safely released.

On Tuesday morning, police responded to shots fired on the 2200 block of Toursdale Drive.

Police Chief Daniel Pancoast identified the man as Christopher Baj. He says the standoff began around 2:30 a.m. when Baj "fired an unknown weapon" through a closed door with his wife on the other side. The woman was able to escape safely.

Bethlehem Township Police are advising residents in these areas to continue to shelter in place: all of Lantern Place West and East, all of Toursdale Drive to Mountain View Ave, all of Towpath Circle East and West, Southwood Drive between Esquire Drive and Stones Crossings Road and Cog Circle.

Dozens of emergency personnel are gathered at what appears to be a command post between Cog Circle and Mountain View Drive.

All of Toursdale Drive is closed to traffic, as are several side streets, but a few residents have been allowed to leave for work who live closer to Rau Lane.

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