"Shushing Bandit" strikes at South Philly grocery store

Police are investigating an attempted robbery at a South Philly grocery store. Police say the "Shushing Bandit" escaped empty handed after store workers screams scared him off.

Store owner Hing Pun was terrified when an masked man walked into her family grocery store in South Philly with a gun and started demanding money from her daughter who was working the cash register.

"I just start screaming . Ah, ah, ah ,ah," Pun told FOX 29.

In fact, she screamed so loud the startled gunman put his finger up to his lips and started telling her to be quiet with a shushing gesture. Then, he pointed the gun at her husband when he tried to intervene, according to polic.

"He tell him, get the money. My husband say no business, no money," she said.

The "shushing bandit" was wearing a Halloween mask and rubber gloves as he tried to rob the store in broad daylight in the 1400 block of South 6 th Street.

"He does it in a unique fashion. He actually puts his hand to his mouth, his finger in like a shushing sound and says something to the effect shush I'm robbing you," Captain Sekou Kinebrew told FOX 29.

The robber began to panic, running around the store motioning for people to stop screaming, then he gave up this ill fated stickup. He fled the store empty handed and ran away.

The bandit wore a distinctive aqua colored backpack. Police hope someone might recognize it and give them a call. They say despite his peculiar behavior inside the grocery store this is a serious matter.

"I know its peculiar and may look somewhat humorous because of the gestures and his mannerisms, but it's very serious like all robberies. We presume that gun is a real gun and he was attempting to commit a real robbery," Captain Kinebrew added.

This is the second time the store has been robbed at gunpoint. The owner installed new surveillance cameras. Now police are hoping this surveillance video will help them put the suspect behind bars.