Streets Department truck gets stuck in Fishtown sinkhole

A Philadelphia Streets Department truck became a Fishtown sinkhole's latest victim.

Joe Meadows says he watched as a city truck became trapped in buckled asphalt on the 2000 block of Arizona Street. A neighbor's surveillance camera captured the aftermath.

Several neighbors on the block blame new construction for recent plumbing issues, leaky pipes and flooded basements.

"This has been going on since July," Megan Brennan said.

Brennan tells FOX 29 she called the Water Department last week when her late grandmother's belongings were underwater.

A spokesperson for the Water Department confirms that crews responded to a leak on the block last week but says they couldn't identify the source. On Wednesday, they came back after the city vehicle caved into the ground.

Late Wednesday night, the Water Department identified the issue as a broken 6-inch water main.