Suspect sought in Center City hit-and-run

Police are searching for the person responsible for a hit-and-run incident in Center City on Jan. 18th that left a wake of damage.

Surveillance footage shows a large black SUV barreling into a parked car and pushing it into an adjacent vehicle.

The video goes on to show a woman driver exit her car, assess the damage and drive away.

The car that was hit belongs to Ryan Long, a radio DJ for Power 99.

"My first thought was that this is Center City," said Long. "How could someone just get away with this?"

That night, Long had finished a DJ gig at a nearby nightclub at around 2 a.m. when he noticed his car's tail light was out.

"I start walking closer and saw a bunch of stuff on the ground," said Long. "I looked at my car and it's just demolished and I'm like that's crazy."

After having his car towed, Long sought surveillance footage of the incident. Luckily, the employees at Paris Baguette Cafe, allowed Long to record their footage of the wreck.

"A car plays a big role, that's how I get around to my gigs," said Long. "I know people make mistakes but you can't leave me like that. It's not right."

Ryan filed a police report and authorities now have the surveillance footage. Philadelphia's accident investigations branch continues to investigate.