Teary-eyed Pierce Bush remembers his grandmother Barbara

Pierce Bush, grandson of former first lady Barbara Bush, is thanking people in Houston for the outpouring of love and prayers for his family.

"We love Houston," said Pierce Bush. "We love that my grandparents are so loved here and we're so grateful for the incredible outpouring that we really are feeling during this time."

Pierce Bush is the son of Neil Bush, the fourth of six children of former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

When asked what he'll miss most, Pierce Bush tearfully said it will simply be seeing his grandparents together at their Houston home.

"But more than anything, I'll miss her saying, 'Pierce, what's the latest?'" added Pierce, the chief executive officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star. He explained how his grandmother influenced him to dedicate his life to public service.

"I, like most of my cousins, I would say were brought up with this amazing woman that never let us take anything for granted," said Pierce. "She always instilled in us that any life that is really worth living has to be a life that's dedicated to something that's bigger than your own career."

Pierce also lovingly recalled his grandmother's signature wit, humor and independence.

"She was a woman who was not afraid to speak her mind," described Pierce. "She was a woman who always kind of did what she believed was right."

As for her legacy, Pierce Bush said it is one of love, family and faith. He said he is also touched by the stories of how Barbara Bush made everyone feel like they were family.

"She had an uncanny ability to connect with anybody, any person she came in contact with," concluded Pierce. "It was really an amazing gift. She used it so much and I'd say the world is a better place because of [her gift]."