Teen with spinal cord injury hopes to get new piece of equipment to help her

As parents and students get ready to go back to school one local teen's desperate to get something that could help her tremendously. A new piece of equipment could change her life drastically after suffering a serious injury that left her unable to walk.

"Right now, her 80-year-old grandfather and her dad take her out everyday to school," her mom, Maraget Littlejohn, said.

"It's like a whole process," 15-year-old Keather Littlejohn said.

That takes a good deal of muscle and scheduling just to get Keather Littlejohn out to school, to doctors and to physical therapy

"We'll get through it," Keather

An incredibly positive spirit within this 15-year-old girls high honor role student whose world was turned upside down 2 years ago after a terrible car crash left her with a spinal cord injury--unable to walk.

"She traveled a lot. She was in the STEM program at school, Girl Scouts, and things with her friends. She was like real social and did a lot of things," Margaret said.

"There's a lot of things I can't do but there's more things I can do," Keather explained.

Keather's parents are hoping she can to more things outside of the first floor of their home where she's often trapped with no way to get down the steep steps out front.

"We did basically everything we could, but we just can't afford to put a lift out front," Margaret said.

It's one piece equipment their insurance won't cover.

Keather's high school administrators got some union workers who've agreed to install a lift that was donated by Shriners Hospitals for Children but that lift is too short. A taller one costs about $10,000.

"She needs a lift to get out the door--mobility is incredibly important-- independence is critical," Executive Director of Help Hope Live Kelly Green.

Keather's need qualifies her for help through Help Hope Live, which is a medical fundraising non-profit for people with a medical crisis.

Keather's campaign to raise the money is underway.

"She's 15 she wants to get out the house and play with her friends," Green explained.

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