The Spotted Lanternfly makes its return to region

Guess who's back? The Spotted Lanternfly has made its return to the area.

"We only see babies. Last year, I saw big ones," said Karissa Patberg. They’re tiny and they’re very busy, so is Patberg.

"Religiously, multiple times a day I’m going out and keeping an eye out for these little bugs," she said.

Spotted Laternflies, the bugs that most of us have a love-hate relationship with are back.

"I'm wasting alcohol that's 32 ounces, it's $8 and I'm using it to kill lanternflies in my backyard," said Patberg.

They're deadly to trees, plants, gardens and crops.

"I found them attached to my concrete wall then between wooded fences and cinder blocks," she said.

We know from past invasions that in full state they're beautiful, but Biff and Tina Bitolla say they gotta go.

"Try to catch them and put them in a bottle of isopropyl alcohol or a jar and just try and kill as many as you can," said Tina.


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