The world's only surviving giant panda triplets are adjusting to their weaning process

Check out this adorable video of the world's *only* surviving giant panda triplets.

The footage shows the trio adjusting to their weaning process at Chimelong Safari Park in China.

Born in July of 2014, the triplets are considered to be a miracle in natural history.

They've just been weaned off of milk and are gradually eating bamboo.

The park staff says the process has been going well.

And they are hoping to separate the triplets from their mother -- so, the pandas can learn to live independently.

"Weaning represents that the giant panda triplets are ready to live on their own. It also indicates that their diets shift completely from milk to bamboos, bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots - same as their elders'. Weaning is a landmark in the growth of giant pandas," Chen Shuqing, senior breeder, Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park said.