Thousands of protesters gather at Trump Tower

Thousands of protesters gathered in Midtown Manhattan Monday to protest the Trump administration.

The president arrived at his namesake tower Monday night to spend the night in his residence here for the first time since being elected. Protesters lined both sides of 5th Avenue near Trump Tower and shouted slogans and waved signs.

"No hate, no fear, Donald Trump's not welcome here," they chanted.

Several demonstrators told Fox 5 that they were protesting the Trump agenda and his initial reaction to the violence this past weekend at a white supremacy rally in Virginia.

Earlier, several dozen protesters gathered on the steps of the New York Public Library's main branch building on 5th Avenue. They held signs, sang songs, and recited slogans.

The NYPD and federal law enforcement agents are out in force to protest the president and his family. Sanitation trucks were positioned around Trump Tower to stop a potential vehicle attack.

City officials said plenty of police officers would be on hand to manage crowds and marchers.

The NYPD announced that 58th Street between 6th Avenue to Madison Avenue and 55th Street between 5th Avenue to Madison Avenue will be closed and 56th Street between 6th Avenue to 5th Avenue will have very limited access until the president leaves on Wednesday.