Travelers at Philadelphia International Airport react to end of government shutdown

Travelers arriving at Philadelphia International Airport on were pleased to hear that after a 35 day shutdown the United States government would reopen.

"I'm happy to hear that and glad to see things are moving to get some money back in people's hands," said Patrick Grels of Jackson, New Jersey.

One traveler, whose trip of Florida was bookended by safety concerns on both flights, called it a nice ending to her hectic commute.

Earlier in the day, however, there was little positivity about the direction the government was heading in. Union representatives for federal and state workers gathered on an airport sidewalk to vent their frustrations.

"Today is pay day and they are not getting paid," said Union Leader, Phil Glover. "It is unacceptable to help people hostage over a policy dispute."

Inside the airport, flights to La Guardia Airport were starting to slow as, according to the FAA, a shortage of air traffic controllers due to the government shutdown closed La Guardia to departing flights.

At 10:30 a.m. Philadelphia International Airport tweeted of 1 hour delays, and passengers became concerned.

"I have safety concerns, but there's no other way to get to Minneapolis other than Greyhound," said Salish Gautama.

However, concerns seemed to vanish after word spread that the government shutdown would end. For some arriving passengers, it served as welcome news to come home to.

"That's fantastic," said George Brunel of Langhorn. "I hope both sides get together and get this all straightened out and our country can go on right now."