UPS driver thanks homeowner for holiday treats with poem

A UPS driver thanked a homeowner in Chalfont for leaving snacks outside the door with a poem. 

The heartwarming moment was caught on camera. 

For the last two years, Michele Rothstein has placed a box of goodies outside her door, telling delivery drivers to help themselves to snacks, candy and bottles of water.

The family told FOX 29 they saw a UPS Driver give a thumbs up into their Ring camera. The next day, the same driver came back, flipping through flashcards with a poem.

“It was super thoughtful the way that he wrote that and showed it to the camera. It was really cool,” said daughter Allie Rothstein. The seventh grader was upstairs doing homework when the delivery driver dropped off some packages. What he left behind is priceless.

“It’s the best Ring video we’ve ever gotten,” said Rothstein.

The family says they originally installed the Ring camera for security but never imagined they would get this sweet surprise.

“If there is a way to do one little kind thing that makes someone smile during the day. It's definitely all worth it,” said Rothstein.


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