Utility workers help crash victims twice in one day

Utility workers from Chicago went above the call of duty-- they actually saved lives.

The utility workers from ComEd in Chicago traveled thousands of miles to help PECO crews restore power made an unexpected pit stop. While driving to a job on Wednesday, Darryl Davis and his crew witnessed a head-on crash.

It happened just before 9 a.m. on Route 320 in Springfield. Davis and one of his lineman sprung into action.

Davis couldn't get the front door open, but managed to jump in the back and pull the man to safety. The two then saved an elderly man from a second car involved in the crash.

24 hours later another accident, this one on 76 and once again the ComEd guys to the rescue.

Dale Waldschmidt was able to pull his ComEd truck ahead of the accident to help the two women drivers who'd been hit by a semi-trailer truck.