Vandals caught on camera spray-painting graffiti on mural in Northern Liberties

Police say vandals were caught on surveillance video spray-painting graffiti on a mural in Northern Liberties.

"It's just really upsetting to see that someone had messed with it,"

Kelly Kozma was surprised and disappointed when she saw this graffiti while she was out for a walk with her baby in Northern Liberties.

"To see someone destroy someone else's art is very upsetting," said Joseph Bellof Bell Flooring on Second Street.

According to police, the vandals painted over a Mural Arts mural that has covered the wall on Bell Flooring since 2009. Artist Frank Hyder and a group of students worked for weeks to complete the mural eight years ago.

"They worked on that mural and I remember coming to see the unveiling and I live in the neighborhood so it's always exciting to see public art go up," Kozma said.

Bell first noticed the graffiti Saturday morning on his way into work. He was upset to say the least. His cameras captured the alleged vandals in action.

The brazen graffiti vandals parked their red car right in front of Bell Flooring and went right to work. They stopped when police pulled over a car nearby. However, when the cops left they went back to spray-painting. Minutes later, they simply pulled away,leaving behind their tags, their street names and the video, according to police.

Bell has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the repairs. He notified the Mural Arts program. They will inspect the damage and see if they can save the mural. The suspects left behind some paint cans. Anyone with information can call police.