Video: Hail shatters Oklahoma driver’s windshield

A driver shared a shocking video of his shattered windshield while driving through a hail storm in Oklahoma on Oct. 10. 

As severe weather ripped across the state Sunday night, Jake Nea, a self-proclaimed amateur storm chaser, was in Roosevelt, Oklahoma when several tornadoes touched down near the area. 

Video taken by Nea from inside the vehicle shows large cracks forming on the glass as it was struck by the hail. 

A photo tweeted by Nea on Monday showed the extent of the damage to his car. "That was a new windshield," Nea wrote. 

The National Weather Service confirmed multiple tornadoes in Oklahoma, noting how the weather conditions were prime for their quick development. Baseball-sized hail was also reported in parts of the state but there were no reports on Monday of deaths or injuries. 

A possible tornado struck the Tulsa suburb of Coweta late Sunday causing significant damage to a high school, homes and a gas station, news outlets reported. 

"Take cover from this storm now!" the National Weather Service in Tulsa warned on Twitter, saying that the storm was strengthening quickly. 

Coweta Public Schools canceled classes on Monday and said that officials were surveying the school sites for storm damage. 

Shattered windshield

FILE - Oklahoma driver's windshield shattered after severe weather rips through state.

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Building damage was also reported in Anadarko, about 50 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. 

Earlier, baseball-sized hail shattered windows and dented cars in Norman, about 20 miles south of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Gas & Electric said in a statement that crews were actively working to restore power outages. 

The severe weather also brought heavy rain and lightning to parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. 

Kelly Hayes and Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported out of Los Angeles.