Video: Mako shark jumps onto fishing boat in Maine

Video captured the shocking moment when a 7-foot mako shark jumped into the air and landed on a fishing boat off the coast of Maine. 

Crew and guests were on a shark fishing expedition with Sea Ventures Charters watching the shark do acrobatics in the air. Moments later, the mako jumped from the ocean and nearly landed on a person on the boat in the now viral video.

"A once-in-a-lifetime experience!" Sea Ventures Charters wrote in a Facebook post. "Thankfully, no one on board was injured!"

As for the shark, it was measured, tagged, and then released.

Warning: Graphic language: 

Captain Dave Sinclair tells FOX 35 News that the shark was "certainly an armful when falling from the sky!!"

Viewers on Facebook were impressed.


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"I knew you were good at fishing...but now they are just jumping in the boat for you???" one person joked.

"I am surprised this does not happen more often!!!" another person said. "Great job keeping everyone safe including the Mako!!!"

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, mako sharks have been clocked at speeds greater than 25 mph with bursts of 40+ mph, which allows them to leap high out of the water.