WATCH: Good Samaritan tackles suspect accused of attacking officer

Body camera footage out of Provo, Utah captured the moment a Good Samaritan stepped up to help an officer take down a fleeing suspect.

The incident took place in a Sam's Club parking lot as the officer was searching for a man after receiving a call for a welfare check.

The video shows the officer approaching two other men in a truck at the gas pump and asking them a few questions. The officer's attention then turns to 34-year-old Emiliano Medina, who was walking across the parking lot nearby.

The officer approaches Medina and asks explains that someone had called about him, and asked him if he's okay. At that point, police say Medina reached for the officer's gun, and the made a gun hand gesture and pointed at his own head.

A struggle ensues as the officer attempted to detain Medina, who was able to break free and run across the parking lot after allegedly punching the officer in the head.

Video then shows a bystander chase Medina across the lot before catching up to him, lifting him off the ground and slamming him down, allowing the officer to take Medina into custody.

The officer can be heard thanking that bystander for his assistance.

Medina was charged with one felony and five misdemeanor charges following the incident.