West Chester University student arrested for allegedly recording women in restrooms

A West Chester University student has been arrested for allegedly recording women in public bathrooms, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Musical theatre student Joshua Yannuzzi, 24, is accused of hiding a phone and recording women in restrooms and other locations across Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Prosecutors say there are over 20 identified female victims and potentially more who have yet to be identified.

"This defendant was a technological predator," said District Attorney Tom Hogan. "Using his ties in the theater community, he specifically targeted certain young women for hidden recordings in private places, all for his own sexual gratification. The victims...and the entire theater community have been betrayed."

Prosecutors say Yannuzzi specifically targeted young women he knew through performances or other activities. Yannuzzi would allegedly hide his iPhone inside a bathroom and surreptitiously record women in various states of nudity, engaging in this conduct more than 50 times over the past two years. He also allegedly posted one of his illegal recordings of a victim online.

Photos of Yannuzzi, which prosecutors say he inadvertently took, show him hiding his phone in bathrooms on two occasions. The alleged crimes took place at the following locations:

Yannuzzi has been charged with over 100 offenses, including felony wire-tap violations, criminal use of a communication facility, invasion of privacy and related charges. He has been banned from the West Chester University campus while the school pursues administrative remedies against him.

Anyone who had contact with Yannuzzi in theatre productions, living arrangements or otherwise is urged to contact Chester County Detectives and confidentially review recordings possibly related to them to determine if they were illegally recorded.

Anyone with information about Yannuzzi is also encouraged to call Chester County Det. Robert Balchunis at 610-344-6866.